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April 2021

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Was it a loan or a gift? - Big difference!

Housing affordability is a big issue for young Australians. When discussing that issue recently, the Prime Minister infamously remarked that the solution is for parents to “shell out” to help their children buy a home.

But for those lucky enough to have parents able to assist them financially in adulthood, whether by helping them into the property market or otherwise, could that “solution” be creating more problems than it solves?


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Buying a business – some handy hints!

So you have found a business and you have your heart set on buying it. Or maybe you work for a business that looks like it is being sold. Congratulations, that’s great news!

However, before you rush off to hand over the purchase price or greet the new owner of the business you need to be aware of some important steps to consider. 

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What do I need to know about Cyber Law?

In today’s society, computers and the networks that serve them are fundamental to the operation of commerce, defence, government, public utilities, and many safety systems. 

A crime committed in cyberspace can cause catastrophic financial loss and more gravely be the direct cause of the loss of human life – potentially on a scale previously only possible by the massive application of military force. 

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Accessing digital assets – estate planning essentials

The untimely death (or purported death) of Gerald Cotton, former CEO of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange company, Quadriga CX, emphasises the importance of planning your electronic after-life.

Mr Cotton’s death in India at the age of 30, not only raised suspicion as to its authenticity (and allegations of an exit scam) but reiterated the chaos that can be created if digital assets have not been considered in an estate plan.

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