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June 2020

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What happens to employee entitlements when a business is sold?

This article explains the employee position when a business is sold in its entirety (as opposed to the sale of shares in a company - which would result in a change of fundamental ownership but not affect the employee arrangements of the business.)

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Bankruptcy and the Family Home

For many people, their family home is their most significant asset. Individuals who are contemplating bankruptcy are often understandably worried about what will happen to their family home and the impact which bankruptcy might have on their children and spouse. In this article, we look at what can happen to the family home in the bankruptcy process.

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COVID-19 - Important updates for financially distressed businesses

On 22 March 2020, the Australian Federal Government delivered its second response to the economic threat posed by the Coronavirus. Part of this response includes measures to alleviate some of the financial hardship faced by many businesses and to provide some safeguards to help them survive and be better placed to resume operations after the crisis.  Key to these objectives were proposed reforms to company and personal insolvency laws.

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Homeschooling, client service and coping during Covid – our team believes good communication has been key

As it has for everyone, the past few months have put the GW team to the test in finding ways to stay connected whilst working remotely from home during restrictions, in particular finding ways to continue to deliver a professional service for our valued clients.

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