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June 2021

In Our latest issue, you can learn more about:

Some old fashioned protection for the family home

The family home is often your most significant asset – both in terms of monetary and emotional value, and as such, should be at the forefront of any asset protection strategy.

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Do you have a business partner - then you need a Partnership Agreement!

A Partnership Agreement is a contract between all the partners in a business, outlining each partner’s duties and responsibilities and governing important matters that arise from the business, procedures for making business decisions and how to resolve disputes between partners.

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Traps to avoid in Commercial Leases

Commercial leases form part of many business transactions, and commercial property is a popular investment choice. Whether you are a tenant or landlord, there is much to consider when entering into a commercial lease.

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Elder Abuse

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is 15 June 2021.

It’s hard to imagine that somebody would harm, intimidate or take advantage of an aged and vulnerable person.

However, unfortunately, elder abuse occurs within our society and sadly, the perpetrators are often those entrusted with caring for our older generation.

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