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Litigation and dispute resolution

Garland Waddington have extensive experience dealing with Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Commercial litigation
  2. Commercial disputes
  3. Lease disputes
  4. Insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation and voluntary administration
  5. Commercial debt recovery
  6. Contractual disputes
  7. Employment Law

Commercial litigation

Garland Waddington's Commercial Litigation team have extensive experience in managing and resolving a wide variety of commercial disputes.

We protect the commercial interests of our clients in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

Our lawyers provide prompt, direct, commercial advice on how to approach any dispute in our clients' best interests. We assess the facts, our client's resources, the costs involved and the strengths and weaknesses of the case. We provide our clients with sound commercial advice on how to best protect their business and personal assets.

We endeavour to resolve disputes early by negotiation or mediation to keep clients out of court. If court proceedings are required, we have the experience to ensure that our clients' commercial interests are successfully protected.

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Commercial disputes

Garland Waddington have the capacity to act in commercial disputes of any size and complexity. We consult with our clients from the outset to identify their objectives and to provide clear, concise and practical advice to achieve their goals.

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Lease disputes

Garland Waddington act for a wide range of landlords and tenants of commercial and industrial premises and retail shops, and have extensive experience not only in preparing commercially effective leases, but in enforcement of leases and resolution of disputes before the courts and QCAT.


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Insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation and voluntary administration

Whether you are having difficulties collecting monies owed by debtors or are facing severe financial hardship with your business, Garland Waddington's experienced lawyers can help you.

With extensive experience in acting for insolvency practitioners, liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy and the insolvent parties we are experienced in all aspects of insolvency litigation and bankruptcy.

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Commercial debt recovery

We understand the importance of having an effective approach to collecting your commercial debts and offer a comprehensive debt recovery service providing a prompt and cost effective result.

We recover debts for clients ranging from small business people to large corporations. We can assist you with all aspects of your matter, including initial negotiations, drafting of documents and representing you in court.

We can ensure your debts are recovered by using a variety of techniques including:

  • letters of demand
  • suing for the debt
  • seizing debtor's goods
  • bankrupting debtors
  • registration of a caveat on the debtor's land

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Contractual disputes

Expert advice is critical for you to enforce (or escape) a contract. We facilitate prompt resolution to permit all parties to move forward. Whether the issue is the enforceability of a contract or the meaning of its terms are uncertain our expert advice enables you to evaluate your options and make informed decisions, and our contractual litigation experience ensures speedy, practical outcomes.

We have successfully assisted our clients with a broad range of contractual dispute matters including:

  • business contracts and commercial agreements
  • building and construction contracts
  • commercial, industrial and retail leases
  • employment and consultancy arrangements
  • insurance contracts
  • estate disputes

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Employment law

For employees and for small businesses and community sector employers we give expert and practical advice on employment contracts and can provide the level of assistance that is right for you, from a simple consultation, to a second opinion or representation in federal and state courts. We advise on:

  • employment agreements
  • redundancy issues
  • unfair dismissal and common law damages claims
  • the preparation of employment contracts
  • discrimination and equal opportunity claims
  • sexual harassment issues
  • industrial disputes
  • workers' compensation matters
  • workplace injuries
  • privacy disputes
  • independent contractors agreements
  • unfair contract litigation
  • workplace health and safety obligations

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During the meetings I had with Garland Waddington, they explained the legal direction in a way I could understand. This made me feel comfortable and confident to move forward. Excellent service.Alan Slade
A wealth of experience to draw on that made consideration of complex issues and a solution easy to understand. We have every confidence in their advice and strongly recommend them to others.R Kerr, Store City
Ken and the team at Garland Waddington are very knowledgeable and I have the utmost respect for them. Everyone I deal with always makes me feel like they have my best interests at heart.Bruce Perry
On an intellectual property licence agreement, I found them to be personable and they got the results required. Their service was reliable and prompt. I look forward to working with them into the future.Garth Chapman
A litigation issue was causing us enormous stress. We achieved the result we needed. We WON! The staff were easy to deal with. Their knowledge was outstanding and they were great communicators.Kate Marshall
We were blown away with how friendly everyone was. The staff member in particular who carried out our conveyancing work was prompt and very approachable. We were very happy with the cost as well.Paul and Lyn Thomas

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