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Wills and Estate Planning

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We assist companies, businesses and individuals with all property-related issues.


Conveyancing and subdivision

Whether buying or selling residential or commercial property, we help review and prepare contracts including put and call option agreements and other documents and advise on transfer duty and GST implications.


We act for both landlords and tenants, preparing and advising on retail shop and commercial leases and assisting in resolution of lease disputes.

Body Corporate Law

We can provide guidance on the legal rights and duties of bodies corporate, help you resolve disputes, understand your management rights as well as draft and register community and building management statements.


We support you through due diligence, pre-development, staged and layered developments for both land and community subdivisions. We can also assist with the preparation of easements and covenants. 

Compulsory Acquisition Law and Resumption

We have acted for resuming authorities and landowners, giving advice on rights and entitlements to compensation.

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During the meetings I had with Garland Waddington, they explained the legal direction in a way I could understand. This made me feel comfortable and confident to move forward. Excellent service.
A wealth of experience to draw on that made consideration of complex issues and a solution easy to understand. We have every confidence in their advice and strongly recommend them to others.
Ken and the team at Garland Waddington are very knowledgeable and I have the utmost respect for them. Everyone I deal with always makes me feel like they have my best interests at heart.
On an intellectual property licence agreement, I found them to be personable and they got the results required. Their service was reliable and prompt. I look forward to working with them into the future.

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