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Wills and Estate Planning

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Wills and estate planning

A will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign.

It is part of the means whereby you ensure your assets are distributed in the way you intend after you die.

Estate planning

Estate planning is all about ensuring that the assets you acquire during your lifetime are properly protected, structured, and distributed - simply (and in the most tax effective manner) to your intended beneficiaries, during your lifetime and after your death. 

Advance health directives

Advanced Health Directives express your wishes and directions in relation to your future health care for various medical conditions, and come into effect if you are unable to make decisions yourself.

See our fact sheet on Advanced Heath Directives here.


We assist clients by preparing Wills that clearly set out your wishes for the distribution of your assets after your death.

Complete and return a copy of the Instructions for preparation of Will

Testamentary trusts

We prepare and provide detailed advice in relation to testamentary trusts which are created pursuant to a Will - to provide a greater level of flexibility and control over the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

See our fact sheet explaining the possible advantages of testamentary trusts here.


Enduring powers of attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney allow you to appoint someone to make financial and/or personal decisions on your behalf.  We can advise you regarding appropriate terms, and potential problems.  

See our fact sheet on Enduring Powers of Attorney here.

Binding superannuation death benefit nominations

We can provide you with expert assistance in relation to binding superannuation death benefit nominations, allowing you to require the trustee of your superannuation super fund to direct your superannuation benefits to the person/s you wish to benefit in the event of your death and advice on the possible tax implications of such payments.

Deeds for mutual wills

We assist with the preparing of Deeds providing for Mutual Wills, in the tricky area of expressing clients’ intentions in circumstances where they wish to e.g. leave assets to a partner on the basis that on their death you both wish their assets to pass to agreed beneficiaries.

Directions to trustees

We assist in documenting your intentions to facilitate your executors and trustees administering the assets of companies and trusts controlled by you in accordance with your instructions.


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