Are you BIF3 ready?

17 December 2018 … is D-day!

Chapter 3 of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (and Chapters 4 and 5) will commence operation on Monday, 17 December 2018 … in 2 weeks time!

From that day:-

  • there is no more BCIPA;
  • there is no more BCIPA notation;
  • ALL invoices are payment claims; and
  • you MUST respond in accordance with the Act … or pay.

What you MUST do

Respond – you MUST give a Payment Schedule in the earlier of:-

  • the time provided for in your contract for responding to a payment claim; or
  • 15 business days from when the payment claim was given; OR

Pay - the full amount payment claim by the due date for payment.

Consequences     - 100 penalty units fine or QBCC disciplinary reaction

                                      - 100% liability for full amount of the payment claim

How you should prepare

Review your contracts:-

1.    what is the reference date – the date that the contract says a claim for payment can be made?

        If no contract or the contract is silent – last day of the month for each month work is done;

2.    when must you respond – the time in the contract OR 15 business days;

3.    what is the due date for payment – when must you pay?

Do your contracts need to be reviewed?

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