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Homeschooling, client service and coping during Covid

As it has for everyone, the past few months have put the GW team to the test in finding ways to stay connected whilst working remotely from home during restrictions, in particular finding ways to continue to deliver a professional service for our valued clients.

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Lyn Colautti, our long-time Conveyancing Manager said she found the best way to look after her clients was to treat each day as a normal work day.

‘Keeping my morning routine similar to normal mornings, sitting down to work at the same time and making sure I stop for a quick lunch break have all helped to ensure I maintain a high level of service,’ Lyn said. 

‘I think communication has been more important than ever when working remotely; emphasising the importance of detailed file notes, memos to accompany file handovers, and being more paperless.’

Ken Waddington’s Executive Assistant, Lee Luchich, thought a key lesson for her during the Covid period has been an even greater appreciation for her fellow workers. 

‘Not being around them every day made me realise how much I miss them and their company.’

As restrictions continue to ease and we start welcoming team members and clients back to our office space, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our valued clients and referrers for your continued support.

Whilst we’ve enjoyed being able to support and connect with many of you via Zoom and on the phone more often, we are looking forward to seeing you in person again soon!

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