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Special Seminars for those in need at Compass

Families of people with disability, especially parents, often ask ‘What will happen when I can no longer provide care?’

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It can be hard looking after the interests of a person with disability at any time, but making arrangements for the future can be even harder.

Garland Waddington recently teamed up with Bentleys Accountants and the Compass Institute to run a free seminar series for families of people with disability to talk about asset and estate planning, including the use of a Special Disability Trust (SDT).

An SDT can be a testamentary trust established through a will (that is, it does not come into effect until after the death of the person making the will).

More than 40 guests attended across two seminars held at the Maroochy RSL, which were designed to make things simpler for families by explaining the options.

The seminars dealt briefly with planning for the future taking account of disability issues generally and how families can use trusts to help look after family members with disability. They also explained how income support (social security and veterans’ entitlement) concessions for Special Disability Trusts can help in providing for family members with severe disability.

Pictured are (L-R) David Dangerfield of Compass Institute, Peta Grenfell of Bentleys and Ken Waddington of Garland Waddington at recent seminar series for Compass.

Read more here about providing for a severely disabled loved one after death and the important role of a Special Disability Trust. 

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